SVDL-0158 ‘Secretarial Squeeze!’ featuring Tomiko

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He doesn’t think I’m doing my job well but I think he’s going to see things my way very soon!

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Tomiko looks drop-dead deadly and gorgeous in ‘Secretarial Squeeze’, playing an underling whom her boss thinks is dropping the ball on the job.

He gets tough with her as she stands before him in a hot mini and tight top, showing a mile of exceptionally sexy legs, sitting on his desk and reeling him into a skull-swallowing front headscissors with her 24-inch thighs!

Tomiko tears him six ways to Sunday with an endless display of scissor power, thrusting her long, very strong legs out for strangling neckscissor and cupping his face toward her extraordinarily shapely ass for a devastating reverse headscissors!

At one point, she takes his breath, sight and voice away by folding her amazing, HUGE calves up into his face as her massive thighs crush his head!

In the end, she gets all the benefits she’d never gotten before by virtue of her brutal scissor work, and then gets him to sign over the company to her! Don’t piss off this scissorin’ secretary or you’ll get the squeeze of a lifetime!.

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