SVDL-0143 ‘A New Lease On Legs!’ featuring Sybil

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He wants to end the lease on the gym.  I’m sure he’ll agree to extend that lease after my legs extend his neck!

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Video Description

Sybil Starr takes care of her friends. She also takes care of her enemies – in her powerful thighs!

In “A New Lease on Legs,” Sybil’s friend is about to be evicted from his gym, a place of business Sybil loves to work out in.

Outraged, she confronts the slumlord about the situation and is dissed mightily, so she retaliates mightily, the best way she can, with a stunning, savage array of non-stop scissoring that threaten to pop his head like a tick and rupture his guts!

Sybil goes wild all over the poor bastard, trapping him in the most painful array of head-busting scissors imaginable as she forces him to sign a new lease allowing her friend to stay as long as he wants.

Need your landlord “talked” to?

Let Sybil handle it and chances are you’ll get a new lease on legs, too!

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