SVDL-0417 ‘Scissor Contest – Part 2’ featuring Sammy and Angelina

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After we destroyed our first victim during our scissor contest, we decided to call over another unsuspecting ‘friend’.  Let the ‘Scissor Contest-Part 2’ begin!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 344 MB

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In their first scissor contest friends Sammy Squeeze and Angelina decided to call one of their friends over for a little scissor fun and sent him away a broken and beaten man. But that wasn’t enough to satisfy their hunger for putting the squeeze on another victim so they decide to give another friend, Drew, a call asking him to come over to fix their microwave. When he arrives, thinking he was there to help out his two female buddies with their broken appliance…they attack him and the second round of scissoring begins!

They begin by working him over in a few 2 on 1 scissors to both the head and body simultaneously but then decide to have another scissor contest by seeing who can make Drew tap out the quickest! Both girls are determined to win the second scissor contest and crush their foolish male friend into oblivion causing him to scream in agony and frantically tap out repeatedly. In the end…both girls decide to finish the way they started by both scissoring him at the same time but this time…they’re going for the knock out!

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