SVDL-0384 ‘Scissor Contest!’ featuring Sammy and Angelina

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We just learned some new scissor holds and volunteered our friend to help us find out who’s scissor holds are the most painful!

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Sammy Squeeze and Angelina, excited about the scissor holds they just learned in their self-defense class, call up their friend, Dave, and invite him over to practice their new leggy techniques on the unsuspecting fool.  When he arrives they explain what they’ve learned and needless to say…he’s not too thrilled about being their scissor practice dummy but at this point theirs no turning back for him.

The sexy scissoring duo start out tutoring each other and even practice a little 2-on-1 scissoring until their competitive side starts to kick in and they decide to have a little fun by seeing who can make their friend tap out the quickest! While one girl is putting the squeeze on poor Dave the other one is carefully timing, with stopwatch in hand, how long it takes for him to tap out.  On and on it goes…one mind-blowing tap out after another and with about 10 submissions each…it’s still too close to call!  So they decide to add a little twist to their scissor contest by seeing who can make him scream the loudest!  And SCREAM he does while trying to survive some of the most brutal scissors you’ll ever see as each girl is determined to claim victory!  You wanna’ know who wins…?  You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

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