SVDL-0371 ‘Pouncing The Producer!’ featuring Dia Zerva

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This producer was supposed to provide me with a female opponent that I could destroy but he said she can’t make it!  Ok, then I guess I’ll have to DESTROY him instead!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 359 MB

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Drew is an assistant producer of catfighting wrestling videos who calls off a shoot because sexy Dia Zerva’s opponent is stuck in traffic and can’t make it.  Well…Dia tells him that she drove a long way for the shoot and isn’t leaving until she kicks someone’s ass!  That’s when the main producer suggests that Drew wrestle Dia in her opponent’s place.  Drew finds the idea of a woman wrestling a “highly skilled and powerful man” such as himself ridiculous but decides to entertain the idea regardless.

What happens next is Drew gets his inflated ego deflated as Dia Zerva teaches him a thing or two about what a pair of athletic, powerful thighs can do to an opponent…including an inferior man like himself! She practically toys with him trapping him in crushing reverse head scissors, making him whimper and rib crushing body scissors and ultimately turning out his lights in a brutal throat scissors.  Needless to say…Dia leaves the shoot fully satisfied and ready to take on her next challenger.  Wanna’ be next…?

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