SVDL-0361 ‘CSI – Criminal Scissor Investigator!’ featuring Mistress Empress

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There’s a scissor killer on the loose and this investigator is about to find out he’s gonna be her next victim!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 349 MB

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Detective Drew finds another victim of a scissor kill, and as a member of CSI  ‘Crime Scissor Investigator’  he’s sworn to uphold the law. But Mistress Empress, a black tower of sheer muscular power, the scissor killer in question, takes the law into her own legs as she destroys the detective in a mind-blowing series of earthquake-intensity scissors!

Empress’s 26-inch thighs are custom made for swallowing men’s heads whole, and she is one of the best at scissor trash talk, telling him in great detail how her big black thighs are gonna crush his skull! She is brutal from the get-go, often launching her long, strong legs into scissor snaps and thundering jolts that damn near rip the little man’s head off, especially at the end when she opens her thighs wide while leaving her ankles crossed and just scissor pops his screaming head with lightning-fast power! In the end, she has two deadly scissor victims in the room and is on the phone luring over a third!

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