SVDL-0359 ‘The Confession Room!’ featuring Sydney Morgan

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I was hired by his wife’s attorney to get the truth so I brought him to my ‘Confession Room’ to SQUEEEZE it out of him!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 352 MB

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Sydney Morgan is one of our most vicious ScissorVixens and once again she proves it this time crushing out a confession of marital infidelity from this fool! Hired by his wife’s attorney to get the truth out of him Sydney’s an expert in persuading reluctant men to confess to cheating on their wives using her high-pressure technique of strangulation between her sexy, steel-like thighs. The poor man is locked and trapped in her ‘Confession Room’ and before she goes to work on him she tells him…”Oh, when I’m through with you you’ll be ready to confess all of your sins!”

Then she does what Sydney Morgan does best…unleashes some of the most furious, savage, thigh-snapping, eye-bulging scissors you’ll ever see! And as always with Ms. Morgan…you get plenty of first-class trash talking to go along with all of those scissors. And finally as an added bonus…for this first time…Sydney is scissoring topless! So…for those who really enjoy all the brutal rib-snapping, skull-crushing aspects of a genuine scissor beat-down…few can deliver like Sydney Morgan!

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