SVDL-0350 ‘Alli’s Scissorcam!’ featuring Alli Fit

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He had no idea what kind of cam show I needed him for but for him, there is no choice when it comes to Alli’s Scissorcam!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 355 MB

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Allie the hot fitness babe is working on her webcam site when Drew comes over to help. She says guys are asking her to do scissors on camera, and she needs a victim! He’s hesitant, but she insists and with legs like Allie’s, there IS no right of refusal, so in Drew goes to a pair of the most luscious, lethal legs on the planet!

Allie’s totally into the scissoring scene once she locks up and powers down and her guys on the site love it, asking for this hold or that, and Allie is more than eager to honor their requests, from head-pounding straight-out scissors to throat-ripping figure fours with her chiseled calves to devastating reverses! One of her best moves is a scissor-jolt-vibrate scissor where she rapidly snaps and slams her incredible legs on him so fast and so hard his head is jacked around like a bobblehead doll set at warp speed! She DESTROYS him all in the name of her ‘ScissorCam!’.

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