SVDL-0342 ‘Don’t Doubt Dominique’s Danger!’ featuring Dominique Danger

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This fool doubted the brutal power of my thighs but after I’m done with him…he’ll never doubt them again!

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Kandor doubted Dominique Danger’s true scissor power, for real, saying sure, she had big thighs but could they squeeze!? Well, in ‘Don’t Doubt Dominique’s Danger!’, she goes all out for 30 minutes of convincing him she’s the best, and takes about three minutes to make her point, leaving 27 minutes for agonizing, head-pounding, thigh-throbbing scissors in the legs of an enormously muscled bodybuilder!

Dominique’s 28-inch thighs are insanely strong, and add to that some of the most violently painful adductors on Earth, and this gal is a scissor machine extraordinaire! Her thighs literally folded around Kandor’s clamped head, those mega-quads bubbling up huge and then she tensed those cable-hard adductors and Kandor felt like his head would implode, his jaw would shatter, his teeth would dislodge and his eyes would erupt! And then she turned her man-eating 17-inch CALVES loose in figure fours that just about decapitated him! He doesn’t doubt Dominique’s scissor power now and neither should YOU!

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