SVDL-0334 ‘Star Spangled Scissors!’ featuring Samantha

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This loser didn’t like me humming the Star-Spangled Banner just because I’m from England!  Time to hum a new tune around his ears!

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Hottie Samantha’s TV isn’t working, and the lame repairman gets wind of her snooty English accent and attitude and starts humming ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’, and gets in her face with patriotic pride. So she gets in his face, and all over his head, neck and body with her Star-Spangled Scissors!

In a tiny white thong and top, her long, lithe lean body explodes in sinewy muscle as she devastates him in choking throat scissors and crushing reverses, burying his face in her sweet little bottom! She’s a great trash talker, too, telling him in her sexy Brit accent just how her scissors are destroying him! The muscles in her powerful thighs are flowing and sexy under her tight, smooth skin and she uses them in brutal scissor chops as well, nearly slicing his head off! He finally fixes her TV and she settles down to watch some cricket on the BBC while holding him in a scissor to make him watch, too!

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