SVDL-0326 ‘Crunch Time!’ featuring Alexandra

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He kept bugging me to get ready to go out saying…”Let’s go…it’s crunch time!”.  I’ll show him the real meaning of CRUNCH TIME!

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Alexandra is lounging on the couch when boyfriend Drew badgers her about getting ready to go out, claiming over and over, C’mon, it’s crunch time, it’s crunch time!? With an evil laugh, she says, “You wanna see crunch time?” and then pulls him into the first of several ear-ringing headscissors you gotta see to believe!

The muscular legs of this trained dancer brutalize him left and right, with savage figure fours, rib-bending bodyscissors and face smashing reverse scissors! She’s very fond of using savage snapping scissors, her muscular thighs banging off his head with unrelenting fury and occasionally uses a shaking/quaking scissors that have her big, beautiful thighs beating him blind! Alexandra is a lean, mean scissoring machine that brings REAL meaning to the words ‘Crunch Time’!

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