SVDL-0323 ‘Scissor Survey!’ featuring Devina

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He didn’t want to take my scissor survey but what choice did he have?  None!

Video Length : 31 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 365 MB

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Perky Devina shows up at a man’s door seeking to complete her ‘Scissor Survey’ for ScissorVixens but he gruffly slams the door on her. Angrily, she barges in and takes the survey into her own LEGS!! “You like THESE scissors?” she screams, bending him into a crusher of a standing headscissors, her massive, sexy thighs engulfing his skull as she lays the leg to him in a non-stop display of savage scissor power!

You’ll love this gal’s humungous diamond-shaped calves and rock-hard thighs capable of nearly taking a man’s head off in throat-rocking figure fours and sometimes using them to engulf nose and mouth in a sexy, meaty smother! She exposes him to all her scissor arsenal and in the end, convinces him to take the survey and rank ALL her scissors THIGHLY!

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