SVDL-0294 ‘Scissor History Lesson!’ featuring Alexes Jordan

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This librarian didn’t like the way I was holding the book between my thighs so now it’s time to hold his neck instead!

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When you’ve got long, powerful legs like Alexes Jordan….why not use them to your advantage like wedging a thick, 500 page history book between your vise-grip thighs in order to keep your hands free while searching for more books? Only problem is…the snooty librarian that sneaks up behind her and attempts to remove the book from between her legs doesn’t quite approve of he way she is handling the ‘sacred’ history book.

And that means he now has a problem with Alexes and we all know what that means for the foolish man! After he sarcastically tells her “I bet that history book isn’t the only history you’ve had between your thighs!” she decides to show him by giving him a scissor history lesson right there in the middle of the library floor! This is one history lesson he won’t soon forget!

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