SVDL-0256 ‘Die By The Thigh!’ featuring Kordelia

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This creep loves feeling women’s thighs while they’re sleeping! Time for these thighs to put him to sleep!

Video Length : 31 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 318 MB

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Kordelia naps on her couch after chatting with her friend about a creep loose in the area, a guy who breaks in, feels girls legs and runs away when they wake up. Sure enough, the creep sticks his head in the window, fondles Kordelia’s supple thighs in her fishnet top and red knee-high boots and she wakes up to show him some leg he will NEVER forget!

She tossed her long, strong gams around his neck for the first of many mind-blowing scissors, hauling him in through the window and crushing him blind. Her long legs destroy him, particularly her nasty reverse scissors that has her meaty, magnificent ass slapping at his face like a fleshy wave of destruction! At one point, she rams his face into her crotch, lathers his head in her thighs and screams “Death by pussy!” and lets him have it full strength. In the end she drags him to her basement to add to her collection of scissored playthings! You live by the thigh, like this guy, you “Die by the Thigh” if those legs are Kordelia’s!!

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