SVDL-0226 ‘Scissor Audition!’ featuring Sybil Starr

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Is there any man who can handle my new SCISSOR act on stage!?  Certainly not this wimp!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 308 MB

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Who better to produce and star in a one-woman show called “Scissors” than Sybil Starr? She holds auditions for the sole male role – victim, who on stage must endure her non-stop scissoring onslaught as she launches into a feminist screed about the power of women and their legs – and Steve gamely tries to hold on as long as he can, as Sybil just goes nuts on him, taking him from one head-cracking scissor to the next, at one point knocking him out COLD in a reverse facescissors!

She destroys him as she practices her lines about women taking control over men, and he takes it as best he can until the very end when Sybil tells him it’s a ruse: She ran the audition ad just to get men to SCISSOR! But if there were a Broadway show based on the power of women’s legs, Sybil would be the STARR!

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