SVDL-0223 ‘Pantie Sniffer Punishment!’ featuring Sydney Morgan

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I caught this little pervert sniffing my panties.  Lets give him a taste of my SCISSORS!

Video Length : 25 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 268 MB

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Sydney Morgan has never been more vicious then in this video titled “Pantie Sniffer Punishment”! Our sexy little ScissorVixen comes home only to catch her perverted tenant sniffing her panties on her bedroom floor. He is completely caught off guard and frantically apologizes while attempting to rush past her on his way to his bedroom but Sydney decides to help him along and tosses his sorry ass to the floor. And that is where she unleashes one of the most brutal scissor beatings in ScissorVixen cinematography history! It’s not enough to simply put the squeeze on her poor victim but in true Sydney Morgan fashion…she appears to literally attempt to remove his head from the rest of his body!

She applies the deepest and tightest neck-snapping scissors in combination with an incredibly violent thigh-snapping, neck-wrenching hip twisting motion! This was only Derek’s second ScissorVixen video and I warned him about Sydney beforehand and to expect a major league scissor beating. We had to stop filming several times to make sure the poor kid was still alive and each time we did…he had that “No Mas!” look in his eyes. Unfortunately…after 25 minutes of Sydney’s brutal non-stop onslaught of scissors…Derek finally waved the white flag and couldn’t finish the last 5 minutes of this video! I jokingly asked him if he’d be willing to work with Sydney Morgan again and he instantly replied…”Not if you paid me a million dollars!” The next day…I gave poor Derek a call on the phone to see if he was still alive and he told me that his one eye was completely blood shot and red from broken blood vessels that ruptured under the pressure of Sydney’s powerful scissors. So…if you ever find a pair of Sydney’s sexy panties laying around…you better just pick them up and toss them in the laundry basket and keep your nose away from them or you’ll have to endure the same scissor brutality as Derek!

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