Introducing Ms. Savannah Sly

Physical Statistics




155 lbs.





About Ms. Savannah Sly

Ms. Savannah Sly is the COMPLETE PACKAGE!

She’s an absolute beauty towering at an even 6 feet tall barefoot matched with a very athletic build anchored by her gorgeously long and seriously powerful thighs! She knows how to control every aspect of your being and is quick to tear you down physically, mentally or intellectually…you are simply no match for her!

The primary reason our members keep coming back to is because of the scissors and Ms. Savannah Sly has one of the most devastating squeezes you are likely to find anywhere including breath-robbing body scissors and eye-popping head scissors.

She comes highly recommended and is one session you do not want to pass up on if you get the chance to meet her in person! See her session details below.