Introducing Britteny

Physical Statistics




115 lbs.





About Britteny

Brittney is as cute as they come standing at a petite 5’2″ tall with dark hair, snow-white teeth and a beautiful smile. But she proves once again that it doesn’t take a big, powerful female bodybuilder with 27 inch quads to bring down a much larger man.

Her first intended male victim (a real-life fireman accustomed to confronting danger) had to give up and bow out of the shoot because he couldn’t withstand her surprisingly powerful scissors and expressed fear of being knocked out by her on camera!

Working with girls like Brittney serves as a reminder to me, and any of those experienced enough to know better, that many average ‘girl next door’ types can easily make a grown man cry and beg for mercy once trapped in the inescapable clutches of her thighs!

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