Introducing Mariah

Physical Statistics




145 lbs.





About Mariah

Mariah is a stunningly gorgeous 5’9″ exotic dancer with strong, athletic legs who immediately fell in love with scissoring and developed a strong liking to her favorite scissor hold….the front head scissors (shown above in her profile picture).

When showing new girls the various scissor holds I’m never quite sure how they will react when I tell them to “…turn the guy around so he’s facing you and pull his head up as high and tight as possible so you can get a good grip with your upper thighs…”.

But I will never forget Mariah’s facial expression and comment immediately after I showed her what I meant by the ‘front headscissors’.

She developed a BIG smile on her face, spread her strong thighs wide open while quickly pulling her victim DEEP into her crotch then slammed her legs shut around his skull for a crushing squeeze and then emphatically said (still smiling ‘ear to ear’)…”I LOVE this one!”.

When watching Mariah put the squeeze on her victims you know she’s having a very good time which also means her victim is having a very difficult time trying to survive her powerful legs. Mariah is one VERY sexy, and strong, scissoring machine!

Mariah's Videos

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