Introducing Mistress Asha

Physical Statistics




150 lbs.





About Mistress Asha

Mistress Asha says: Mistress Asha says: “I am a former champion fighter and martial arts specialist who specializes in several forms of martial arts, and enjoy displaying my feats of strength. I have a fully equipped facility with wall to floor matting, Olympic style mats. As well as a mirror on the ceiling so you can watch yourself squirm or wriggle out of my locks and holds. My long limbs are like ropes which entangle you. Can you escape my grasp! My Experience includes: Muay Thai 7years, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 4 years, Greco-Roman wrestling 3 years, Boxing 6 years, Judo 5 years, Krav Maga 3 years.” says: If there’s one thing we’ve learned here at is that beautiful Brazilian women are born with the thighs and butt to CRUSH most men into screaming scissor submission with ease! And that is exactly what Mistress Asha is more than capable of doing! With her extensive fighting background (listed above) she can more then DESTROY most untrained opponents, both women and men, with both hands tied behind her back. Of course…that would leave her long, lean and very lethal thighs free to pull you in to her DEADLY squeeeeze!

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