Introducing Francesca

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Francesca

We’ve all heard the expression “40 is the new 30” but in Francesca’s case this insanely sexy 40-something ‘Muscle MILF’ could be mistaken for 20-something instead! 

We’ve been after Francesca for a few years now to appear on and she finally agreed that now is the time to show ScissorVixens fans what she’s made of. 

And what she’s made of is not just chiseled skull-crushing muscle from years of hard work in the gym but also a natural dominant streak that we found quite surprising having never done this kind of shoot before! 

After our first shoot with Francesca she sent me a text admitting just how much she enjoyed putting the squeeeeze on us and said it gave her quite a RUSH! 

And no doubt our members will get quite a Scissor-RUSH as well watching Francesca squeeze the daylights out of us here on!

Francesca's Videos

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