Introducing Lulu

Physical Statistics




105 lbs.





About Lulu

When I first met Lulu at our studio I wasn’t sure this small and very petite cutie had what it took to make a convincing ScissorVixen. 

But once she told me about her athletic background (gymnastics, cheerleading, softball, horseback riding, equestrian and kickboxing) I thought maybe she’ll have what takes but we’ll see. 

Then she stripped down into a sexy red thong and I could clearly see just how athletic her physique was with not an ounce of fat on her with a perfectly flat stomach, hour-glass shape and muscular thighs!

Then once the camera started rolling I found out real quick just how powerful her little 5’1″ 105 pound body was! 

She had me panicking in many of her murderous neck scissors and on the verge of passing out at least three separate times! 

And she’s no stranger to trash talking telling me on numerous occasions…”Beg for it!…I said Beg for it!” and calling attention to her thighs by saying…”You love my strong, muscular thighs wrapped around your neck don’t you!?”.

Lulu's Videos

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