Introducing Mandy

Physical Statistics




105 lbs.





About Mandy

Mandy is a classic example about dangerous things coming in small packages.

This 5-1, 105 pound solid muscle dynamo has legs that look much longer and ARE every bit as dangerous as they appear! 

She’s lean, sinewy and has the most outrageously sexy calves, a full 14 inches round and rock hard thighs that are 21 inches of pure steel!

If you like vascularity you’ll love Mandy, she’s got sexy, throbbing veins just below the surface of her silky smooth skin in her arms and on her legs, they run just over her shins to feed life-giving blood to those life-robbing calves and thighs!

She’s pretty, powerful and rock hard, a body is the envy of women half her age!

She is a gorgeous MILF to which you must add another ‘M’ for MUSCLE!

Mandy's Videos

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