Introducing Kat

Physical Statistics




155 lbs.





About Kat

When we asked Kat if she knew what leg scissorswere she just smirked and replied…”Look at my legs…of course I do!”. 

So when we asked her what kind of personal experience she’s had with scissors she followed up by telling us…”I knocked a guy out in my leg scissorsonce after became very rude towards me while I was on stage dancing!”.

Well…after that reply we couldn’t wait to test out the 5’10” tall Amazon’s thighs and so she gave us a quick demonstration right on our kitchen floor pulling Drew’s neck deep into her HUGE QUADS!. 

It didn’t take long for Drew to get a seriously light-headed after a few seconds between Kat’s CRUSHERS and after tapping-out set up our first shoot with the former exotic dancer.

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