Introducing Serena

Physical Statistics




110 lbs.





About Serena

When Nikki Next recently shot for us she brought along two of her friends for the ride. 

And after watching Nikki do some brutal scissoring on Drew one of them said…”That looks like a lot of fun to me since I have very strong legs!”.

Well…of course we had no other choice but to let her gorgeous 19-year-old friend Serena prove just how powerful her legs were and STRONG they were indeed!

Serena did admit that she did some playful scissoring with boyfriends in the past but this was going to be her first time trying to make someone tapout and that she did!

At first like most first-timers Serena was a little ‘shy’ about going full-scissors ahead but with Nikki Next sitting next to her and giving her the green light Serena started to pour on the pressure. 

And Drew soon found out that Serena wasn’t lying about having strong legs!

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