Introducing Allessandra

Physical Statistics




120 lbs.





About Allessandra

ScissorVixen Alessandra is as beautiful as they come and as our members and fans know we’ve had quite a few breathtaking beauties on

Everything about Alessandra’s looks is perfection including her big Hollywood starlet eyes and pouty lips but don’t let her looks fool you! 

This knock-out can do just that as her first ever scissor victim found out while taking pictures! 

He went to sleep while getting CRUSHED in front head scissors and I wasn’t sure if he was just playing around or if he went out for real.  But after telling Alessandra to loosen up his limp body finally showed signs of life a few seconds later!

That would set the stage for Alessandra’s CRUSHING debut causing the victim to tap-out on quite a few occasions throughout the video for fear he’d take another scissor-nap if he didn’t!

When asked about her athletic background it came as no surprise that she listed soccer, gymnastics and volleyball as the sports she participated in. 

Her legs are thin but very lean and the sinewy muscles just pop out when she clamps them around her victim’s head as you will see in here on!

Allessandra's Videos

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