Introducing Ivy Secret

Physical Statistics




150 lbs.





About Ivy Secret

“Drew…I got the perfect girl for you!”

When I get a text message like that, it certainly piques my interest but when that text is sent with pictures of a GORGEOUS and athletic 5’11” red-headed Amazon with LEGS-FOR-DAYS …well…”Ummm…can she shoot today!?”.

The only problem is, we got that text message from another producer nearly 2,000 miles away BUT lucky for us…Ivy Secrets sent us a message a few months later saying…”Hey there…I’m gonna be in Vegas and would love to finally shoot!”.

When we picked Ivy up to bring her to the shoot here in Vegas….she looked every bit the stunning Amazon as her pictures reflected and her short, shorts showed off her long, LETHAL legs!

I knew our poor victims were going to be in a world-of-hurt once Ivy Secret got her leg scissors around them!

And when you’re a tall, beautiful red-headed babe like Ivy Secret…there’s no doubt you’re used to men staring, gawking, cat-calling and doing whatever they can to get a closer look.

But lucky for you…you’ll get plenty of close-up looks of Ivy’s LONG, LETHAL LEGS here on!