Introducing Lethal Lola

Physical Statistics




140 lbs.





About Lethal Lola

When we first saw pics of Lethal Lola, we thought no one could possibly have the kind of wasp-like CURVES her pictures displayed featuring an incredibly tight and tiny waist and perfectly shaped hips, legs and ass not to mention her impressive upper body.

But when she showed up…her body was every bit as impressive as her pictures depicted!

No, Lethal Lola is not a fitness or figure competitor but yes…she does spend plenty of time in the gym along with being an exotic dancer. All of those things combined with her outstanding genetics make for one impressive physique!

And just like a wasp…her THIGHS can deliver a very PAINFUL STING!

This was Lethal Lola’s first ever scissor video and like many new ScissorVixens who know how powerful their thighs are, she started out cautiously but slowly, and painfully, increased the pressure from one scissor hold to the next!

Lethal Lola has quite a large social following thanks to her KNOCKOUT body and good looks and loves taking photos to keep her fans happy.

And we’re sure she’ll keep ScissorVixens fans happy as well as she CRUSHES her victims here on!

Lethal Lola's Videos

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