Introducing Andrea Rosu

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Andrea Rosu

We at love finding incredible new scissoring talent and Andrea Rosu is one reason why! We also love finding new talent who’s own words say it all as in the case of Andrea Rosu as well.

Quote: “I’ve always said that if I were a superheroine….I would break necks with my thighs!”. That was Andrea Rosu’s first e-mail response after checking out the ScissorVixens website knowing she was more than qualified for the job! And once you see her neck-breaking thighs in action…you’ll most certainly agree that she’s more than qualified as well!

And in another e-mail correspondence,  just a few days  before our initial shoot,  Andrea Rosu  responded… “Oh don’t worry…my thighs are ready to do some serious damage while looking great at the same time!”. And when you see Andrea Rosu in skull-crushing action on you will no doubt have to agree with her once again!

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