Introducing Kelli

Physical Statistics




120 llbs.





About Kelli

Kelli is as wholesome and cute as they come hailing from the state of Vermont. 

So when she hooks up with a boyfriend who seems to party a bit too much she decides it’s time to teach him a lesson! 

After finding him the next morning crashed on the living room couch, and his shirt hanging on one of the plants, he starts complaining his head is pounding from a hangover. 

He tells her he started out the evening drinking beer and finished with vodka, saying the two don’t mix well. That’s when the gorgeous red-head decides to show him something else that doesn’t mix well and will make his pounding headache feel even worse…leg-scissors!

Check out gorgeous ScissorVixen, Kelli, totally destroy her intoxicated boyfriend in her ScissorVixen video titled ‘Scissors and Hangovers Don’t Mix!’

Kelli's Videos

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