Introducing Enchantress Sahrye

Physical Statistics




135 lbs.





About Enchantress Sahrye

I first met Sahrye a few years ago during the last evening at Fetcon where she immediately caught my attention!
 I was stumbling around, after a few too many drinks and way too many head scissors, when I noticed this gorgeous dark-haired girl with big, powerful legs wearing a short skirt and high heels.
 I simply could not resist (perhaps this is the reason she puts Enchantress in front of her name!?) and had to ask her if she knew what leg scissors were and if she’d be interesting in shooting.
 I remember the expression on her face as she smiled and said something along the lines of ‘Of course I know what scissors are…would you like me to show you right here!?’.
 I’m sure you all know what happened next…Drew was getting CRUSHED between Enchantress Sahrye’s enormously powerful thighs and tapping-out in seconds before nearly taking a nap right there on the dance floor!
 Unfortunately that was the last night of the event and although we tried many times to finally get Enchantress Sahrye on ScissorVixens…our paths never crossed until now!