Introducing Ivory Soles

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About Ivory Soles

Standing at a leggy 5’7″ tall, GORGEOUS Ivory Soles is as ‘girl-next-door’ cute as they come as this college hottie makes her debut on!
Ivory is most certainly known to anyone with a foot fetish as she has developed a huge social media following with thousands of fans by showing off her perfect toes and feet for the camera.
But there’s no doubt, after her addition to the lineup, she will have thousands of scissor fans following her as well!
Ivory has a background as a gymnast, cheerleader and dancer and all of that adds up to one BRUTAL SQUEEEEEZE!
I first got a taste of Ivory’s SQUEEEEZE during Fetcon where she introduced herself then proceeded to slap a vicious reverse head scissors on me making me tap out a few seconds later!
After that introduction there was no doubt Ivory Soles would soon make her debut on!

Ivory Soles's Videos

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