Introducing Breanna 'The Boss Lady'

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Breanna 'The Boss Lady'

One look at Brianna’s pretty face (as in her profile picture above) and you don’t have to wonder why she’s called “The Boss Lady”! 

Her facial expressions say it all and exude a strong sense of confidence, superiority and that “I’m in charge bitch!” kind of attitude. 

And she can back it all up with her gorgeous, long, lean and very strong thighs scissoring her victims senseless in an array of scissor holds, figure-4’s and knee-snapping grapevines! 

“The Boss Lady” also knows how to utilize her gorgeous glutes to perfection pumping and squeezing her victims into screaming submission with some of the sexiest reverse headscissors you’ll ever see!

There’s no question that Brianna “The Boss Lady” is in charge!

Breanna 'The Boss Lady's' Videos

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