Introducing Killer Kadence

Physical Statistics




140 lbs.





About Killer Kadence

Killer Kadence was referred to us by one of our members who has seen her several times on stage as an exotic pole dancer and knew that she had the body, killer legs and attitude to become a top-notch ScissorVixen.

We were very impressed with Killer Kadence’s ability to quickly master every scissor hold we showed her but of course that’s what she does to a steel pole almost every day. 

It only came natural for her to do the same thing to our heads and body as she easily moved from one scissor hold to the next.

We’ve always believed that exotic dancers, especially those athletic and talented enough to suspend themselves in a horizontal position on a pole by scissoring it with their powerful legs, are the perfect ScissorVixens and Killer Kadence certainly proves that point! 

She has an impressive physique featuring well developed arms, back and of course solid, python-like thighs that can administer one serious squeeeeeze! 

Killer Kadence's Videos

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