Introducing Lady Milady

Physical Statistics




154 lbs.





About Lady Milady

Lady Milady is a near six-footer in heels and a rock-solid and muscular 150 or so pounds of sexy steel!

She’s a fitness competitor winning the title as IFBB Miss Fitness Israel in 2003 and 2004! 

And she is dominant as dominant gets, made all the more sexy by her alluring Euro accent of indeterminate origin (Ukraine or Israeli or Russian or Slavic? She’ll keep you guessing).

She is a stunning beauty with gorgeous, muscular legs, thighs of head-swallowing iron, calves of jagged muscle that make you gag in figure fours.

Overall, she is a package of supreme, scissoring domination, complete at that with one of the most intellectually mischievous minds in the business!

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