Introducing Ashlee Chambers

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Ashlee Chambers

Incredibly SEXY, muscular Ashlee Crush needs her pussy massaged but can’t seem to find her ‘toy’ and decides to try the remote control when her hubby walks in and tells her to put it down.

She asks him if he’s seen her dildo and he tells her that he threw it out!

But Ashlee needs her pussy massage in the worst way and decides to use his neck instead tightly wrapped in her thighs causing him to scream and make all kinds of vibrating gurgling sounds that seem to hit the right spot and send her into an orgasmic scissor frenzy!

The tighter she squeeeeezes the louder he screams and the more intense the vibrations from his neck until eventually she finally cums in one final all-out reverse head scissors and knocks him out cold in the process!

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