Introducing Leggy Laci Lynn

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Leggy Laci Lynn

Leggy Laci Lynn is just that…LEGGY and you can bet she knows how to use them!  ScissorVixens features some of the most breathtaking (literally breathtaking in more ways than one!) girls in the scissor scene and Laci Lynn fits right in with the very best of them! 

One look at her gorgeous hard-body and it’s obvious this blonde beauty has a strong athletic background. 

When I asked her what sports she participated in school she just smiled and said…”Just about everything!”. 

Today…she stays active training in MMA (mixed martial arts), is a professional dance instructor and is now adding professional ass-kicker to the list! 

With legs like Laci Lynn’s…you can bet she’ll have no problem kicking your ass as well!

Leggy Laci Lynn's Videos

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