Introducing Arden

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About Arden

While visiting a friend in Philly (Jason Ninja) and after completing a few more shoots I noticed a blonde girl walk into the kitchen area one floor below the living room where I was sitting. 

She poked her head up a few times to see who I was then confidently walked up the steps and sat down next to me without saying a word. 

She was wearing a short skirt and after watching her thigh muscles bulge with every step when she first walked in and then getting a closer look after she stood up and started to walk around again I could no longer contain myself and had to ask her how she developed her KILLER LEGS!

Of course her thighs were developed the usual way through a sports background of soccer, track and field and working out.  So I decided to just come right out and ask her if she’d like to try something new with her powerful quads…SCISSORING! 

But as it turned out…scissoring wasn’t all that new to Arden as she has done it before while shooting for a few other sites.  Needless to say it didn’t take much effort to convince Arden that she needs to feature her gorgeous, powerhouse quads in CRUSHING scissor action on my next trip to Philly which was only in a few days.

My friend Jason Ninja sent me a text message the day before our scheduled shoot with Arden and told me…”Uhhh…I think Arden is really looking forward to her shoot with us.  She was over here earlier today and said that we are in for it!”.

And sure enough…when the time came for our shoot with Arden we found out just what she meant by “You guys are in for it!” as poor Jason Ninja suffered his first KO while taking pictures!

In addition to having the two most important physical ingredients (huge, muscular legs) for a ScissorVixen Arden has got to be one of the most talented in the dialogue department!

She loves to draw attention to her “big, powerful and muscular” legs as they destroy her victim all the while saying it in an incredibly SEXY, SEDUCTIVE yet DOMINANT manner!