Introducing Rachel DD

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About Rachel DD

When Rachel DD walked into her first shoot with us I just passed her off as another pretty blonde with the usual fit bikini body. 

But when she stripped off her baggy sweats and revealed a much firmer than expected physique I knew this girl might put a serious hurting on me! 

So to give her some added incentive during our first shoot I told her that I’m not going to tapout in which she said with a low-key but confident voice…”Ok…we’ll see about that.”.

Well…although I don’t recall tapping-out during our first video I do recall plenty of BRUTAL scissor pressure on my neck that cost me plenty of soreness afterwards along with having to take a few pain killers for relief! 

Hell…I even had to admit to Rachel DD that a split second longer (during her last brutal front head scissors to end the video) and I would have been out for sure!  In fact…now that I think about it…that last tapout was a bit frantic and definitely the real deal!

A few days after our shoot was over she sent me a text message to make it clear that, “Next time my legs are gonna knock you out!”.

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