Introducing Amber Black

Physical Statistics




180 llbs.





About Amber Black

Amber Says: I’m Amber Black, a beautiful 5’11” Amazon Goddess and session wrestler extraordinaire.  I’ve been on the scene for many years now but have been beating up the boys since the 3rd grade.  I was raised in a small Midwestern town in the country, where I played sports like soccer, softball and volleyball.  I excelled in all of them!  I was a natural athlete and that has carried into my adulthood where beating up men and boys is not only a business but also a passion of mine as well!

So guys…welcome to the world of Amber Black!  Contact me below and let me know how you want me to kick your ass!  It will hurt but you will still leave with a smile on your face.

ScissorVixens Says: If you like ’em, busty, meaty and leggy, you’ll love Amber Black! She’s cute, stands 5-11 and weighs a fleshy yet very firm 180 pounds. She’s got that girl-next-door look with flashing eyes and playful spirit, and a wonderfully wicked pair of thighs that squeeze you at the same time they totally absorb your skull!