Introducing Jada Rose

Physical Statistics




115 llbs.





About Jada Rose

When I contacted Jada Rose about doing a shoot I asked her if she had any male friends that wouldn’t mind letting her wrap her legs around their neck and giving them a ‘little’ squeeze. 

So she showed her boyfriend our website and replied back that he most definitely wanted to give it a try but I warned them both that this is the ‘real deal’ and he’s got to be prepared to take 100% of her scissor power.

Well…the poor guy found out real fast just how strong and powerful Jada Rose’s legs are!  Even while taking pictures he was making comments like…”Whoa…this is some serious shit!” and “Damn…how long did you say the video was going to be…!?”.

Watch as Jada Rose totally CRUSHES her boyfriend and a few other victims along the way here on!

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