Introducing Shiva Kitty

Physical Statistics




115 llbs.





About Shiva Kitty

The first thing you will notice about Shiva Kitty (besides her gorgeous red-hair, easy smile and killer hard-body including skull-crushing thighs) is her pleasant southern charm. 

She grew up in North Carolina but now resides in Boston, Ma.  She keeps her body in top form by dancing (exotic and pole dancing), rock climbing and working out 5 times a week in the gym. 

But appearances are one thing and her scissors are quite another!  When Shiva Kitty strapped on her first front-facing figure-4 head scissors (much like the one in her profile picture above) I thought my eyes were going to pop out of their sockets! 

The combination of her short but muscular legs are instant death once she locks in the figure-4!  Add to that the fact that she instantly mastered the technique of pulsating and contracting her powerful glute muscles while locked in her figure-4 and it’s a quick tap-out or it’s lights out before you can even blink once! 

However…her scissoring talents don’t stop there. 

She’ll have you begging for mercy with straight scissors as well…particularly the reverse head scissors where she will pull you up as high and deep as possible and engage those gorgeous glute muscles again to lock you in and potentially put you out

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