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150 llbs.





About Emy Black Angel

EMY BLACK ANGEL says: “Hot, hard and sexy , athletic and muscular body, amazingly flexible (with 23 years background in gymnastics) model and professional dancer, bodybuilder (international champion and competitor), huge back and very strong legs  – 26 inch  (human leg press 500 lbs & up);  I competed in judo and I also trained 1 year in Japan in judo, kick boxing, wrestling and taekwondo. says:  Gorgeous former Romanian gymnast Emy Black Angel first contacted us a few months ago eager to be featured on our site.  She was told from another one of our ScissorVixens that is the premier site to showcase her scissoring abilities and to be seen by potential session clients.  So…we packed up our bags and flew out to Las Vegas to see if she had what it takes and quickly found out the answer was…YES SHE DOES!  One of the favorite ways Emy Black Angel likes to describe what she does to her victims is by simply saying…”I kill them!”.  Of course she goes on to explain how even after “killing” them…they always come back for more!

And we are certain after you watch Emy Black Angel on…you’ll be coming back for more as well!

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 Location: Las Vegas, NV

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What’s App: 7027726597