Introducing Safa Warda

Physical Statistics




125 llbs.





About Safa Warda

Safa stars in her debut ScissorVixen video playing the role as ‘Python Girl’!

She’s ready to put the squeeze on petty criminals who like to prey on the weak and defenseless.

But it is the criminals who will find themselves completely helpless and defenseless when Python Girl wraps her deadly thighs around them and begins to squeeeeeze!

So watch what happens to a low-life purse-snatcher when he tries to ditch Python Girl who is hot on his trail after he steals an old lady’s purse.

He finds out real quick that crime doesn’t pay when Python Girl wraps herself around him and begins to slowly squeeze the life out of him forcing him to give up the purse and knocking him out cold in the end.

Python Girl!…she’s putting the squeeze on crime one criminal at a time!

Side Note: At one point during the video Python Girl was squeezing her victim’s head so tight that I could have taken his heart rate by counting the beats from his pulsating veins that were nearly popping out of his head!

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