Introducing Sablique Von Lux

Physical Statistics




165 lbs.





About Sablique Von Lux

Although Sablique claims to be only 6 foot tall you’d think she was much taller when standing next to her as her LEGS GO ON FOREVER! 

And it’s those legs that can really do some serious damage as you will see here on!

I couldn’t help myself but to ask Sablique to put me in a bodyscissors before we started shooting the video to see what her loooooong legs could do. 

What they did was nearly make me throw-up my breakfast right there on the couch!  Sablique decided to give me 100% pressure immediately and I wasn’t quite ready for it! 

After feeling what her legs could do it was time for me to resume a much safer position from behind the camera and let our newbie victim find out what a real HIGH PRESSURE job is like playing the ‘victim’ for!

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