Introducing Randy Moore

Physical Statistics




140 lbs.





About Randy Moore

If ever there was a more perfect example of what a tall, leggy, fit, breathtaking Southern California blonde bombshell should look like it’s got to be the 5’10” tall Randy Moore! 

With a smile that will melt your heart and legs that can break it (along with anything else she wraps them around!) Randy Moore is every scissor-fan’s dream! 

But don’t let her ‘off the charts’ beauty fool you into thinking she doesn’t have a vicious, dominant side that enjoys putting the squeeeeeeze on her victims because she most certainly does!

When Randy Moore cranks up the pressure the first thing you feel are her long, lean knife-like inner-thigh (adductor) muscles slicing into your neck shortly followed by a slow but methodical increase in scissor pressure…it’s enough to make you literally lose your head!

Then it’s on to the body where Randy Moore’s long, muscular legs really shine in BREATHTAKING fashion quickly robbing you of your oxygen and preventing you form taking anymore in!

Randy Moore's Videos

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