Introducing Aubrey Skye

Physical Statistics




105 lbs.





About Aubrey Skye

When I first met Aubrey Skye, it was during one of my trips to a friend’s (Jason Ninja) house in Philadelphia to do more shoots.  So when I saw this dark-haired girl approaching our table (while having a few drinks outside) wearing a mini-skirt and high heels she immediately got my attention or should I say…’Her LEGS got my attention!?’.  Then when Jason introduced her to me as his roommate, Aubrey Skye, that really got my attention even more!

She sat down with us to have a few drinks and as Jason told her about me and the website I run she immediately perked up and wanted to know more.  But instead of just giving her the usual ScissorVixens ‘sales pitch’ I decided to have a little fun with her. 

Aubrey Skye is a ‘smaller’ girl at around 5’2″ tall with a slender build so I basically told her that although she looks fit I just didn’t think she was ‘big’ enough to do a ScissorVixen video. 

This was my way of ‘testing’ her to see how she would react and much to my pleasure…she reacted the way a true ScissorVixen would! 

After staring at me for a few moments she finally smirked at me, pulled up her skirt and said…”Are you kidding me!? Look at these thighs!  I played soccer for years and they are all muscle!…Here feel them!”.  Of course she didn’t have to tell me twice so I did indeed feel them and indeed they were very solid and hard! 

Later that evening (after several drinks) Aubrey and another female roommate decided to have a scissor contest to see who had the strongest legs!  With my head already spinning from too many drinks I wasn’t exactly prepared to have anymore oxygen deprived from my brain cells! 

But what choice did I have with two hotties standing there stripped down into their panties ready to prove they have what it takes to be the next ScissorVixen!

Needless to say…Aubrey Skye went on to prove her little legs pack one hell of a scissor punch and she was more than worthy of making our ever expanding ScissorVixens lineup!

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