SVDL-0007 ‘Christmas Gift Squeeze!’ featuring Leanna

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This bastard bought me a cheap present for Christmas so I’m gonna give him a Christmas present he’ll never forget!

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Here comes Scissor Claus, here comes Scissor Claus, right down Scissor Claus Lane! Ah, Leanna, our smallest and sexiest ScissorVixen, stars in this classic holiday treat, “Christmas Present Squeeze,” in which she takes great exception to a cheesy gift given her by boyfriend Jake.

She changes into something more seasonally appropriate, walks back in wearing a sexy Santa suit that never looked so good on anyone else, and proceeds to use her meaty, muscular, dancer’s legs to tear Jake apart with crushing headscissors, throbbing bodyscissors and punishing neckscissors and everything in between.

Leanna wishes you a Merry Scissored Christmas – between her brutal thighs!!!

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