SVDL-0067 ‘The Language Of Scissors!’ featuring Xeena

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I tried to teach him how to speak Portuguese but all he wanted to do is speak the language of  love so I decided to give him a big HUG from my THIGHS!

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Kan is taking Portuguese lessons from Xeena, a hugely muscled and wickedly beautiful gal from Brazil, where the native tongue is Portuguese.

She teaches him every-day phrases, but he can’t keep his eyes off those thighs in her tiny little skirt, nor his hands.

She playfully brushes off his advances, but he persists, so she teaches him an expression he repeats happily – and finds himself encased facefirst in her 26-inch tubes of steel that are her thighs, as he unwittingly has told her “Please squeeze my head in your legs!”

She absolutely crushes him blue, blind and bewildered in all manner of bone-jarring scissor holds, those massively muscled thighs eating him alive!

She uses her 16-inch calves as well, taking him in neckscissors and then slowly rolling one calf up and down his neck and jawbone, then the other!

She loves a crusher of a figure four as well, nearly popping his head off in her diamond-shaped lower leg!

And when she gets you in a nutcracker scissor – pinning the face in the crook of one leg and pinching face and head in a triangle of lethal leg – you SWEAR your face will shatter!

Xeena punishes him over and over, making him say “Squeeze me harder!” in Portuguese and then obliging him!

No one but NO ONE speaks the language of scissors like Xeena!

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