SVDL-0026 ‘Revolt of the Playboy Bunny!’ featuring Lia

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My little boyfriend doesn’t like my Playboy Bunny outfit.  Too bad for him because this is one Playboy Bunny that’s not playing around!

Video Length : 32 mins. | Video Size : 480×360 | File Size: 182MB

Video Description

What’s sexier than a gorgeous woman in a skimpy bunny costume?

Lia LaBowe, ScissorVixen extraordinaire for one, laying the leg to a suffering male victim!

Mike is not crazy about his girlfriend’s rather skimpy attire as she tells him of her dream to pursue a career as a Playboy Bunny in a nightclub.

Over his dead body, he says, and she does her best to hold him to his words!

Lia is fabulous throughout, applying every conceivable type of crushing scissor there is with her long, smooth, sexy and unbelievably strong legs!

Her reverse headscissors is devastating as her thighs ripple into his neck and jaw, her bodyscissor bends his ribs and her straight-on headscissors and figure fours have him screaming for mercy!

Does she show any?

What do YOU think?

She ruins him in one pounding scissors after the next and adds a new dimension of dominance at one point by pinning his head to the floor under a stool and then sitting on it, taunting him to try and get free!

He does – when she lets him up, only to devour him in her scissoring legs again!

Lia LaBowe never looked sexier in this non-stop scissor extravaganza!

Full Description

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